Friday, December 13, 2013

Now entering the 21st century, a bit late: Tom's CDs now available online in digital form!

 The digital version of my two CDs, "Made of Sky," (Mylodon Music, 1999) and , "Practical Man" (Mylodon Music, 2004), or individual tracks, can now be purchased online from CD Baby. Just click on the links below!  (You can also order the physical CD from CD Baby, though if you are ordering from inside Canada, the shipping costs make it cheaper to order directly from Mylodon Music by mail, using the CD order form on my website,

Tom Lips: Made of Sky

Tom Lips: Practical Man

I admit I am a late arrival to digital distribution.  Personally I like having a physical CD, with liner notes, etc., but I know that a lot of people now listen mainly on portable devices.  They appreciate the convenience of being able to buy a single track or the whole CD and listen right away, without waiting for delivery. 

If you don't need a physical CD and can do without liner notes, buying the digital version is faster, cheaper and easier.  It's an interesting experiment!

I've arranged for CD Baby to make the physical CDs available as well, with a view to reaching more people; but frankly it makes more sense for people in Canada to order CDs directly from me: it will be cheaper (when shipping is factored in) and probably faster. 

By the way, there is a new CD on the way early in 2014.  I'm really excited about it.  Stay tuned!