Wednesday, January 11, 2012

January 19th - "A House Divided: Stories and Songs of the American Civil War"

Just a heads up about my performance (with Gail Anglin, Daniel Kletke and banjo virtuoso Paul Hornbeck) of "Stories and Songs of the American Civil War" on Thursday, January 19th, at the NAC 4th Stage in Ottawa. 

The American Civil War is one of the most talked about conflicts in modern history. With slavery, nationalism, and changing economics at its core, this war saw brother fighting brother. We’ll be presenting stories from both perspectives - North and South - framed with the stirring songs that were sung by soldiers and those who waited for them back home.

For detailed information, see the OFME listing here (scroll down a bit when you get to the page).

General admission tickets are $20, and are available from Ticketmaster (service charges apply), either online, or by calling 613-755-1111. Or you can get them from the NAC Box Office in person (with NO service charges).