Saturday, October 27, 2007

Wednesday October 31, 7:30 p.m.: "It was a Dark and Stormy Night": Halloween Tales for Adults

For this one night of the year the otherworld is so close to ours that spirits can cross over at will… and there are ghostly tales to share! Curses, sorcerers, the walking dead, phantoms on the freeway: stories and songs that range from spine-chilling to hilarious. If you're too old for trick-or-treating, this is the perfect way to spend Halloween. Come to the 4th Stage of the National Arts Centre in Ottawa for a special storytelling concert for adults, featuring some of the most popular tellers from this year's Ottawa Storytelling Festival: Elizabeth Ellis, Jacques Falquet and Tom Lips.

Tickets: $15.00 from Ticketmaster (extra service charge applies) or at the NAC Box Office.

(I understand that there are only about 25 seats left, so don't delay if you want to be there... --Tom)

P.S. This concert launches this year's Ottawa Storytelling Festival, and I will also be performing there on Saturday afternoon --something completely different!